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Mekaku city actors


Shintarou is an 18 years old HikiNEET who hasn’t left home for two years. One day he was forced to go outside and buy an new keyboard by Ene, a mysterious virus-like cybergirl living in his PC.

At the same time a robbery takes place at the shopping district. As a hostage himself, he meets two other hostages who introduce themselves as Mekakushi-dan (Blindfold Gang). This encounter drags Shintarou into the group where he meets other teenagers who have superpower abilities in their eyes. The group is all about finding other people who have eye abilities, recruiting them and teaching them to control their powers.
Things get more twisted as more and more of Shintarou’s close acquaintances seem to have connection to this odd group which seems to have one more goal behind it: to find the truth behind their powers.
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